Revise Successful tasks for KodeKloud Engineer Pro Users

Hey folks,

We hope you all are enjoying the KodeKloud Engineer program. Thanks for being part of this great community and climbing up the leaderboard with each successful task. We are back with an amazing feature for our KKE PRO users.

Your most requested feature is now live! You can ‘Revise’ successfully completed tasks.

Earlier, once you were promoted to another level, it was not possible to redo the tasks of the earlier levels or the tasks that you had completed successfully at the same level. Hence, to allow our students to practice the same task again, maybe with a different approach this time, or to see how they had performed that task earlier, we are introducing the ‘REVISE’ button.

As shown in the screenshot below, beside the ‘Success’ option, you will be able to see the ‘Revise’ button.

Note: This is applicable to all tasks that have been completed on or after 1st Jan 2022.

We will only consider the points for the 1st attempted task. No points will be awarded for redoing the tasks using the ‘Revise option’.

This feature is only for PRO Users.

So start using this feature and let us know in the comments below if it is helpful.

Also, feel free to share other features/improvements you would like to see on the KodeKloud Engineer portal. Reach out to us at [email protected].

Dear Prabhjyot,
This is Kabir. I am new in KodeKloud. I wanted to do some real hands-on task on the KodeKloud Engineer program. However, I can’t do most of the task. My question is that if I don’t know how to do the task what should I do?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @faqirikabir7 ,
In such cases, you can skip those tasks.



Or ideally use KodeKloud to get the learnings you need for the challenges.
All the concepts are covered across the many courses they provide… Including Linux which is the current focus.

I’m not affiliated but am using KodeKloud Engineer as a way to direct me in what to learn next. It’s the learning that’s the key experience overall.

All the best!

Hi @aakashgupta9812,
Please reach out to [email protected]. They will check it.

Please remove your email address from the comment.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @aakashgupta9812,
The team has provided you an access. Please check it.