Review points break the streak of Bonus Points

Hi @mmumshad
Thank you very very much for the opportunity to learn real job tasks.

I found the next issue with the tests, bonus point system, and reviews.
So, the review systems created to motivate you learn more, when you review the results of other members.

And bonus points should motivate you to do tasks carefully and without mistakes.

But when your review accepted by someone, it breaks your bonus points:

So, today I lost my 1500 points for 50 review points. :frowning:

That demotivates me to do any more reviews.

Can you fix it and allow the system to accept completed tasks despite review results?
Thank you again. You are doing great job.

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Hi, I understand your concern and it is valid. You should still get the bonus points. Please allow it some time.

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Hi @mmumshad
I would like to discuss this topic again :slight_smile:

Today I did the 5th task and still not get bonus points, unfortunately.
So, please, look at the screenshot. You have replied to my question on 18 of June, and on 20 of June, I continued to complete the tasks and reviews one by one every day.

So, today I have 5 tasks and 3 reviews and there are no bonus points and no failed tasks.
Could you check it again, please?

Thank you so much.

the same issue for me too. Hi Mumshaad. please help

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@mmumshad It’s not he matter of recalculation, but indeed a bug. I noticed the same: reviews break bonus points streak.

It’s broken to the point that I no longer perform any review, because it more beneficial for me to wait for bonus points. It’s counter intuitive to the whole DevOps idea, where sharing is one of its foundations.

Please fix it as soon as possible.

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