Review of Task not working

I just completed a task but I can’t seem to request for a review from the community.
Can someone help me out?

Hi @ifeanyi.ajuwa77 ,

I just tested one random task here, and the review option/button looks working fine.
Do you receive any error messages? Can you share a screenshot of the error?

KodeKloud Support

I mean I completed a task and I would like to request for a review.

Hi @ifeanyi.ajuwa77 ,
Can you please share your user name? I will check.


Screenshot 2022-06-16 at 5.44.58 PM

The review option is not showing because the given time (due date) is over.
I see that you just started and you are not familiar with the environment so I marked this task pending for you. For the next time, please request a review before the due date.

Please give it another try and complete the task.
Best of luck!!! :+1:

KodeKloud Support

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