Repeted tasks for devops team

I got the impression that for devops team we should not have repeated tasks any more and unfortunately it is not the case. My last 4 tasks were repeated and came from sysadmin queue.
Can you look at it and improve ‘random engine’ to assign first those tasks which were not completed for particular team, please ?

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Another task and another duplicate. Additionally all 5 tasks from sysadmin area. Guys your tasks assignments algorithm is not working properly. Please have a look at it.

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Hi @andrzej ! You are too fast! You have completed all DevOps related tasks we had as of now. That’s why you are getting repeated tasks. But we are adding more DevOps scenarios this week and next. So you’ll get those assigned when they are added to our platform. We are also making changes to the algorithm to repeat DevOps tasks for DevOps engineers if no other tasks are available.

As always, thank you for being part of KodeKloud Engineer.

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Thx Mumshad but this is not 100% true. I still see some tasks in this place which I did not have. So most likely issue with task assignments algorithm :slight_smile: Anyway it would be good to get more DevOps repeated tasks if there is no new scenarios available.
Thanks for your vision of future for IT learning ! You found a niche and fill it with such nice produkt like KKE and in general KodeKloud labs.
As KKE is free site I bought one year subscription for all your trainings to help you guys and I kindly ask others to follow my way to tell you all Thank You !

Thank you so much @andrzej for your support! We appreciate it! :slight_smile:

@mmumshad: Thanks a lot it seems it is fixed. Currently getting every day new DevOps task.
Any news about button hire me ? It was mentioned at the beginning but since a long time there is noi update in this subject .