Repeated tasks on kodekloud engineer

Hi Team,
I keep getting repeated tasks. Just this week i have had install and configure Tomcat server 3 times. Kindly look at it.

Thanks for reporting. we will take a look .

For me the same “Linux String Substitute” task comes 2 times, can you check it for me please :smiley:


Are you guys started getting expired/failed tasks as well ?

Same for me as well and i didn’t get any of my failed tasks…

no, We are not getting expired and failed tasks again but got success tasks @Inderpreet

@Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3 I am facing the same thing, i just have old one that i already passed suscessfully

@Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3 Iam facing also the same scenario
I have been assigned repeated successful tasks

Hey guys,

Thanks for an awesome platform.
Please I keep getting repeated tasks, kindly look at it.

Hello @Inderpreet, I am also being assigned the same task repeatedly. Kindly fix it. Thank you.

Dear @Inderpreet, I have been assigned a number or repeated task for the past week and surprisingly the points are making me drop down on the leaderboard. Please fix it. Thanks

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I am waiting for the expired/failed tasks to come again , but soo far I dont.

I’ve also been experiencing this recently. What’s happening? @Inderpreet

Same task is assigned again now. Should I proceed with the same task or will it be changed ?

I mentioned in separate topic that assignment algorithm has to be changed and got confirmation from @mmumshad that KKE is working on it. Can you give us any status or implementation date ?
This topic plus task frequency seems to be at that moment the biggest weakness of this platform. Both are at least for the first glance not too complicated to be fixed quite fast.

@Inderpreet I would please like to get my failed task on “Configure Local Yum repos”. I have been waiting for ages now, instead I get repeated tasks that I already solved. correctly. Please, thanks!

@Inderpreet @mmumshad @Ayman
Please do something about this already. This is the third time and receiving this task:(

Not only same tasks are assigned but getting the points removed, this is the 3rd time i completed tasks.

Points are getting added and removed and same tasks is being added or assigned to me. pLease check

Hello @Inderpreet,
Today I got the same task twice, my historial deleted…

Recurrence. Completed tasks dissapear and experience reset to zero
My updated list for missing tasks of @fst_eng:
Create user w/ non-interactive shell 100+ 50 success 5 minutes
Linux user creation without home directory 200+ 100 23 minutes
IPtables Installation And Configuration 600 + 300 success 13 minutes

Currently visible but potential victims for bug:
Install and Configure Web Application 1000+300 Success 24 m

Repeated task:
|Install and Configure Web Application|Jun 8, 2020 9:00:30 AM|Jun 18, 2020 9:00:30 AM|1000|

Could you please have a lookÂż?

Cheers, Florin.