Repeated tasks/ no new tasks assigned

Hello @mmumshad/@Inderpreet,

I have been getting task which i have already finished. Tasks are assigned more than once. Can you check and assign me new tasks in future.

Please check if there is any issue with my account and assign me new tasks.


@Inderpreet @mmumshad @kodekloud-support3 me too, I’m getting a lot of repeated tasks lately and I haven’t exhausted all the task apparently. It is becoming boring to do. Please check this out. Thanks!

Hello @mmumshad/@Inderpreet,

Again got an old task. Please check this out.

Mohamed Sheeraz

Hello i think this is a simulator of job.
In jobs we have multiple repetitive this tasks become boring. But if I try to do scripts for automatic task is more funny and I learn and improve the time. For my this is not error I think the platform take a random task for a pool.

me too

Hello team , I’m facing the same issue as well . Please assist.
@Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3

Are you guys already been promoted to DevOps Engineer or currently at system admin level ?

Currently system admin.

ok, there is a possibility I think if you have already completed (the currently available) system admin tasks and you are not promoted to Devops yet then you might be getting those repeated tasks until you get promoted.

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No , I’m still at admin level, but yet I’m getting repeated tasks.

Hello everyone,

I too have just received my first repeated task (SysAdmin level). Is this normal?

…just curious. Thanks:-)

Yes, @juliettet
It’s normal.

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Thanks for responding @Tej-Singh-Rana.

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