Redirected from udemy

I got redirected here after the udemy ansible absolute beginners course. I was given the impression that I should continue my course track here. But it seems like I need to pay again… ?

Is this correct ? Or is this a scam ?
Seems somewhat unapproriate that you steal away udemy customers, falsivly make them believe they can login with their udemy credentials, and then ask subscription money again.

Hi Mirko,

Thanks for reporting the issue. I am sorry you got that impression from the video. I thought I made clear in the conclusion video of the beginner’s course that the beginner’s course was finished. And that the “Ansible Certification” is a separate course. The Ansible for absolute beginners course and the Ansible certification course are separate courses. I was pretty clear that it’s a new course.

You don’t need to pay again for the same course. You only need to pay for the new course if you wish to enrol in it. And no this is not a scam.

Also, this is not inappropriate. That’s what a “Bonus lecture” is for in Udemy. You can read about it here. It is meant to market other services.

We did offer a special discount for our Udemy students, but right now we are providing an even better discount.

Hope that helps.