RE: Web Connection Error to DB (MariaDB) 2 Tier Lab


I am trying to configure the 2 Tier App (Lab) on different VMs but unable to get the app to connect to the DB. The error message goes like : "2003: 2003:Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (13). Here is the mariaSB server.

I have checked through the following:

  1. Configured Firewall on port 80 (web srv) & 3306 (mariaDB)
  2. Ensures in index.php script the mysql- connect message specifies the correct user
  3. Ensures MariaDB has the right privileges assigned on the user plus FLUSH PRIVILEGES
  4. Restarted both httpd, and also mariaDB…

What else can I look at to troubleshoot this issue? Appreciate if someone can point me out.


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Hi @beng-hwee
Can you please send to us the link to the labs


Hello mmkmou,

Thanks for the reply. I’m actually running it in my lab, not sure if this will breach any rules in terms of support, and if not am happy to show the configuration details.