Rank is not updated correctly

Rank is not getting updated correctly. It should display my rank as 4 but its showing rank 7.

That might have been a weird cache update issue - it looks correct in my dashboard…

It usually takes 24hrs to update. Let us know if its not updated

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I guess there is something wrong as well, I began at the beginning of the program and I have got a different number of assign tasks. Perhaps is the time zone, I don´t know.

the difference of assign tasks continue increasing… Why is it happening?


A new task is assigned anytime between 24 to 48 hours after the previous task is completed. So it depends how soon you complete a task once you get one. If you take a few days to complete a task, then you get the next task after that. If you complete the assigned task the same day, then you get the next task the next day.