Quiz portal connectivity issue with terminal

Hi @Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3

I experienced the below issue two times. I checked and confirmed no connectivity issues from my side. Seems like an internal issue with the portal.

I completed my task “Create a Cron Job” successfully but got the below error. So I again refreshed and did the task again from beginning. Still same error. Please rectify and fix the issue.

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Same issue here.

I was assigned with task Hide apache version and hide directory browsing. When I am submitting the it’s failing again again.

hi @Inderpreet

i had some internet issues today during my task and now I’m trying to do it again and all the time I got portal has lost connectivity, I think i did the same task at least 5 times but nothing cannot go ahead. Please help.

Hi @Inderpreet

the task before has been marked as expired and a new one assigned.
I did the new task and at the end I get the same error

I am getting the same issue, I have completed the task several times now with the same error message:

Note: This quiz portal has lost connectivity with the terminal session. Either your session has expired. Or there is an issue with your internet connectivity. Check to see if the terminal is responding. If not please refresh the terminal window to load a new session. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Looks like general issue. We have to wait till business Time for KKE support.

Same issue, after two tries

Can you say when this issue will be resolved?
I completed the task twice and got the same errors above when I click “Finshed”.


I am facing the same issue. I almost performed the task 5 times but facing above error.

Hi all, @kodekloud-support3

I have also received the same issue but for a different task and I have tried many times but unfortunately, no use. Now, the task is expired however, I solved it more than once.

Could you please check the issue and update the task accordingly ?

Hi all,
Same issue after 3 attemps, easy task just install SELinux.

same issue at my end

3rd time Again

even I am facing this issue from today morning

I am also experiencing this, I am unable to complete my task!

Thanks for reporting this guys, we are checking this further.

Hi guys,

I’ve just completed my the task with no issue. What about you?


very happy, I got my task done today!


I’m facing this issue right now. Any one else?

Any help will be appreciate!


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