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Greetings team,
Iam new and learning Python. Kindly help me understand the below question.

  1. What is the output of the following python code if we enter “Hello Python” as input?

inputString = input(‘Enter a string: ‘)
print(inputString, sep=’#’, end=’&’)

The answer was mentioned as “Hello Python&”

Please help understand why the keyword “sep” do not work but “end” works.

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Hi @mahesh.kumar.sridhar

This is because sep is the object separator. You have only provided one object to the print function, which is a single string.

If the code was

inputString1 = input('Enter a string: ')
inputString2 = input('Enter another string: ')
print(inputString1, inputString2, sep='#', end='&')

and you input Hello and Python as the two inputs, then the result would be Hello#Python&

See Built-in Functions — Python 3.10.5 documentation

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Thank you for your response