Query on Lecture-Loops

Please help on the below query.

secret_number= 100
guess = int(input(“Guess the correct secret number:”))
while guess != secret_number
guess=int(input((“Guess the correct secret number:”))
print(“you guessed it right”)

This is similar to what has been provided in the lecture, however when I try to run the above code, it throws an error.

" File “main.py”, line 5
SyntaxError: invalid syntax"

HI @mahesh.kumar.sridhar

A couple of things here.

  1. Indentation - it is part of the syntax! When pasting code, please use code blocks so we can check indentation. That’s the </> button in the post editor.
  2. You’ve missed a : after the while statement. All blocks are introduced with a :

This is the working code

secret_number= 100
guess = int(input("Guess the correct secret number:"))
while guess != secret_number:
    guess=int(input("Guess the correct secret number:"))
    print("you guessed it right")