Q5 Mysql DB - Unable to enter anything when logging in for first time as root user with temporary password

Hi, I am unable to type anything in password after entering mysql -u root -p command(not able to type anything when it prompts for password and when i press enter it denies permission), I have tried to enter password in command itself within single quotes but it returns that using pass on cmd line can be insecure, please help

Hi @konarkwalia24,

The warning is normal, you can ignore it, he just to tell you that it’s not a good practice to use the password on the command line for security as it’s clear on the command.

Furthermore, it’s normal that with the command mysql -u root -p you see anything when you type your password on prompt. It’s a feature on Linux, the password is hidden.

Just testing both scenarios, and it’s work without any issue, see screenshot below :


thank you for quick solution.