Q 4 Apache tomcat - unable to start tomcat server

I am not able to start tomcat server, I downloaded apache-tomcat-8.5.88-deployer.tar.gz and then extracted it using tar -xvf and moved it to new dr as well. when I try to start tomcat server it says, command not found(used hint as well). I checked in extracted directory and there is not bin. please help

Hi @konarkwalia24
Base on your screenshot, when you do ls -l, you can see that some folder like bin, conf are missing.
Please check that your extraction is correctly done. You can use the solution or hint tab to have the correct syntax


I already found the solution in one of posts, letting you know that apache-tomcat-8.5.88-deployer.tar.gz does not have complete package so you have to download zipped version, install unzip and then unzip the package. use sudo chmod +x catalina.sh command in next step and then use sudo sh ./startup.sh to run the tomcat server.

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