PVC bound to PV


how PVC detect the PV and bound it, we are not using any selector and matchLabels in PVC
we are just matching access modes, if there is more than one PV available then how we can bound to a specific PVC?

apiVersion: v1
kind: PersistentVolumeClaim
name: claim-log-1
- ReadWriteMany
storage: 50Mi

Hi @abid_mehmood,
in the case of dynamic provisioning, a PersistentVolumeClaim with a specific amount of storage requested and with certain access modes. A control loop in the master watches for new PVCs, finds a matching PV (if possible), and binds them together. If a PV was dynamically provisioned for a new PVC, the loop will always bind that PV to the PVC .
ckeck the following tutorial for more details:

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