PuppetServer -- AutoSign Certifcation


I am facing an issue with puppet server ca certificates, this is the task of autosign certificates. I have created a file called autosign.conf in /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/ and have given *.stratos.xfusioncorp.com entry inside the autosign.conf file. Now I need to assign certificates for master and agent nodes how do I do that?

I followed the tutorial and was able to get this command:

puppetserver ca generate --certname puppet

but the above command does not work? how do I assign certificates to both master and agent nodes?

You have to move into agent nodes and try to run “puppet agent -tv”. It will send the request after that you have to see the lists in master agent run this command “puppet ca list --all”


I have tried that out actually and I always get a TCP connection out issue pls see the below screenshot.
What am I doing wrong? are there more configurations needed to be completed on master node?

Have you did entry in your app server /etc/hosts? agent node is not able to resolve name.

Its ok, Thank you, I got it configured, I added puppet alias beside the jump_host entry in both master and agent nodes and did puppet agent -t which worked finally. I was able to list out the ca certs on the master node. Thank you.