Puppet task issue!

Hi @Inderpreet @rahul456 @andrzej @neroxxpips
I’ve a task asssigned to create symlinks with puppet!!
But as I run the script, it executes on the host only not on other servers and question clearly specified that you don’t need to use any other inventory file!
As I execute “puppet agent -tv” the response of executed task is not visible.
It only shows the hostname and relevant information.
Kindly look at the screenshots!!
puppet_4 puppet_5


Have included on which agent you want to apply this config? Something like below in your .pp file? Cant see in the screenshot.

node ‘stapp01.stratos.xfusioncorp.com’ {
include symlink

HI @sathish2032 the question say that you need to use only use ecommerce.pp file. Nothing else.

Yes you can add above snippet inside the ecommerce.pp file itself so that it will apply to that desired agent.