Puppet Setup NTP Server

Please review this, I have done the task correctly. I can send you the config i have used.

Below recording is missing all the work done in jumpserver.

Any ideas is much appericated

same thing happened again, something seems to be wrong with the labs


Hi @mani007

From the task recording its not clear what manifest you created and applied. Can you please share your manifest file for review ? You can dm me the same.

@Inderpreet Thanks for taking a look. I have dm the file

@Inderpreet any updates , my task is about to expire and when i try to load the lab i keep getting the below message

Hmmmm… this is very unusual. Let’s give it one last minute and then we give up on this one and try a new instance…

this is my recent attempt where you can see the correct info in the config

Hi @mani007

This is already marked successful for you.

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@Inderpreet Can you please help here, I am not able to understand the issue ,