Puppet Manage Services

New packages need to be installed on all app servers in Stratos Datacenter . The Nautilus DevOps team has decided to install the same using Puppet. Since jump host is already configured to run as Puppet master server and all app servers are already configured to work as puppet agent nodes, we need to create required manifests on the Puppet master server so that the same can be applied on all Puppet agent nodes. Please find more details about the task below.

Create a Puppet programming file demo.pp under /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/production/manifests directory on master node i.e Jump Server and using puppet package resource perform the tasks below.

  1. Install package nginx through puppet package resource and start its service through puppet service resource on all Puppet agent nodes i.e all App Servers .

Note: Please perform this task using demo.pp only, do not create any separate inventory file.

below is my puppet file

Nginx is getting installed only in jump box. Please help.

@Ayman @Tej-Singh-Rana @andrzej

Hello, Dhanabalan
can i know why you add “jump_host…”?

puppet apply is throwing error that default or jump-host is not present in node

Make it empty , node default {}

ok…but do i need to add all the other 3 nodes?

Kept node default{} and all other nodes conf same. Still catalog is applied only for jump host

node default {}
node “stapp01”, “stapp02”, “stapp03” {
include nginxconf
To define multiple host for a single resources.

I tried with hostbame and fully qualified name, package is not getting installed in any of the server

ensure => “installed”,
What is the error o/p?
I think you have to run “puppet agent -tv” into there linked agent nodes.

I tried ensure => “installed” as well, no error

What about second comment?

do i need to run this command in all app servers?

So you wants that too automate?

i will run it in all app servers, i don’t want to automate it

Try it now I thought you ran in all app server but not getting correct result.

It worked…Thank you