Puedo importar un ecs desde otra cuenta?

Hola, quisiera saber si puedo importar un ecs desde otra cuenta con el fin de mover parte de una infraestructura.

Hi @ngongorap08
Could you please post your query in English?


Hi @ngongorap08

It is always possible to move infrastructure, but it’s not going to be easy. There is no mechanism to say “copy this entire infra from account A to account B”

Likely you would have to build fresh infrastructure in the target account - which if you built the original with CloudFormation or Terraform should not be too difficult.

Then, if you are using ECR to store your container images, you’re going to have to migrate them too. Any CI/CD will need to be able to be switched to point to the new account at the time of the switch-over.

If you have any external database (like RDS, Dynamo etc), a migration plan is needed for the data in those too.

Finally any external access to the cluster will have to be switched in DNS.

Takes a lot of planning if it is a production application!