Promql -> recording rules lab questions flawed


kudos to the teacher for the challenging questions in the recording rules lab.

though, there are some small issues for least half of the questions. some examples without spoiling people:

  • one question is about the average function, but the solution states the max function
  • another question is about node01, and the solution is about node01, but prometheus got deployed on node02, thus solution does not work
  • if the solution to a question is written in a certain way (one space between paranthesis) and my solution is without spaces, my answer is not correct. this happened lots of times.
  • more of an improvement, sometimes there’s multiple ways of solving a question. but only one gets accepted.

I think there might be more, but I didn’t note everything after one point; I would kindly ask the teacher to go through the lab by himself and try everything. thanks again, also for creating this course!

Hello @Vasile-Bogdan-Bujor
Thanks for your feedback, we will consider your notes and keep them in mind.
kindly share the labs URL that you face those issues within them.