Progression through levels?

How do you progress to new levels? Just started and am loving the program but would like to know how I complete System Admin and progress to DevOps engineer. How many experience points do I have to accumulate?

Hi Thanks or joining. Glad you like the program. You must acquire 25K points to advance to DevOps Engineer level.

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Thanks for responding! What about the DevOps Architect? 50k?

We will see soon I am very close to 50k :grinning:

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Nice! How are you liking the program? Has it actually helped you sharpen your skills across the board?

Hi, the DevOps Engineer level is where you’ll spend most time on as it is our core area. We are adding many more scenarios for different DevOps tools such as Kubernetes, Terraform, Jenkins etc. So you’ll be a DevOps engineer till at least 100K points (haven’t finalised this yet). Or we may add another level in between - a Sr DevOps Engineer role. We are also adding other features where you can gain more points by reviewing others work and assisting others. These are planned to be made available sometime next month.

Thanks for being part of this and feel free to share your ideas.


hehehehe just reaching 50k and see your update. All coming changes look promising but please remember about problems which are still not fixed for weeks like task assignments, number of tasks and assignments algorithm. A lot of people complaining about this and till now nothing has changed.
I noticed as well that reaching DevOps actually slows down getting points as a lot of tasks gives 100 or 200 points. I understand that complexity is maybe lower but come on DevOps level is higher so points should have bigger weight comparing to SysAdmins. Please address first those issues before implementation of new features.

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Thanks for the feedback. We will look into these.

that’s what we are waiting for :yum:

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