*Problem statement below and looking for solution:* I had my k8s cluster of 1 ma . . .

Problem statement below and looking for solution:
I had my k8s cluster of 1 master and 2 worker nodes, installed & running successfully, on VMs running on Virtual Box (over Windows).
Now what happens is, due to some issue with Network settings for those VMs, followed by resets etc (through Virtual Box).: the IPs of all the 3 VMs gets changed. Now although I am able to login to those nodes, but my k8s cluster is not able to communicate. What all are options I have to solved this issue and what would be the best option? Can anything be done, which can bring k8s cluster back to work, with the changed IP of nodes getting accommodated in the k8s cluster somehow?

Hi @Tej_Singh_Rana. @Vijin Palazhi, @Fernando Jimenez, any inputs on this?

Fernando Jimenez:
Hi @Mudit, The only way I can think that it will be worth is if somehow you establish the nodes with the same expected ip addresses. Otherwise, if you used kubeadm to create the cluster, it is starting again with kubeadm reset and kubeadm init which it will be like creating a brand new cluster. I suggest you set your nodes with static ips to avoid the problem again.

Thanks a lot for your inputs Fernando. It helps :slightly_smiling_face: