Points not added for today's successful task completion

Hi Team, Haven’t received points for today’s successful task completion.

My ID is Kartikesh Nadar, it was 14060 yesterday and it should be 14960 after my todays successful job, but it still shows 14060. I waited for more than 90 mins still it is not updated.

Can you kindly help fix the same?

Many Thanks.

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Dude, the update would have gotten me to no.1, so yeah! I know what you mean…

@Inderpreet, @mmumshad - Can you kindly help me with this?

Many Thanks in advance.

Yeah dude, I saw your issue too, you are more affected than me :expressionless: Fingers crossed it will be fixed soon as it seems to be affecting more than one person.

Yes same with me. My todays’ points not added to my total score.

Hope it gets resolved soon. I don’t think we should lose it, as the tasks and their associated points are still listed/visible in the Tasks section. So guess it should be a matter of taking all into account and adding it up to show the up to date score.

Will wait for the admins to have a look at it.

Nah man, it’s all good! It’s symbolic status anyway, and I am a long way from understanding it fully. The thing is, glitches are going to happen from time to time because the people behind this platform are also learning. Just on another level…

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