Podman playground is incomplete

Hello Kodekloud team,

Podman playground does not have any Podman installed, it only says alias docker=podman
If you run the command which podman, you will not find any binary for Podman

Thank you

Hi @ahmedsalah, can you share the link for this playground so I can check it?

KodeKloud Support

Hi @ahmedsalah, there is an issue with the set ’podman + container.d.io’ version. I just followed this for our team so we can fix it.

For now, a temporary fix would be:

sudo yum erase containerd.io -y
sudo yum install podman -y

And then podman will work:

Let me know if you have any problems. :slight_smile:

KodeKloud Support

Thank you for your help. It is enough to run the first command to erase containderd.io

I am wondering why docker should be there in this environment, I think podman is enough for those who like to use podman as a container runtime.

one more question regarding running containers, I ran a container using this command:

podman run -dt -p 8000:80 -v /data:/data nginx:1.14

whenever I open port 8000 in the environment, it gives me:

502 Bad Gateway

But when curl works fine:

curl localhost:8000

I see this is a weird behavior