Pod networking and service

Why do we need pod networking when we have service forwarding the requests to the backend pod. Do pods communicate with each other without the use of service

Hello @lavanya.singaravelan,
Do you mean why do we need a network plugin (cni) in kubernetes? if yes, so Kubernetes, by default, is using the Kube-Net plugin to handle coming requests. Kube-Net is a very basic plugin that doesn’t have many features. If a developer needs more features like isolation between namespaces , IP filtering , traffic mirroring or changing load balancing algorithms then other network plugins should be used.

No no. Actually is there any relation between kube-proxy and pod networking. why do we need both. I’m actually new to K8s and I’m unable to understand the need for both

Hello @lavanya.singaravelan
Please refer to this useful doc What is Kubernetes Networking? | Avi Networks

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