Please update LFCS course

Hi @mumshadgmail, @Aaron-Lockhart , please check updated LFCS domain (Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) Exam), even weightage updated too. few topics are not covered currently. please update LFCS course asap. Planning to take it soon.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @sharmaroushan,
I have forwarded your query to the concerned team. They will look into it.


@Tej-Singh-Rana Any follow up to this course being updated soon? I was planning to purchase it but I’m now waiting until it is updated. I’ve read a post on another forum that this course in its current form does not adequately prepare students for the new exam, which is a shame because it was highly recommended previously as the best prep course for the exam.

Hi @smrtalec_courses,

Yes, I got an update from the team.


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Hello KodeKloud Team,

It’s past mid-August. Is there a planned release date for the updated LFCS course content to prepare for the new LFCS exam that was released in May 2023?

Much appreciated,


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@jesserieger It’s probably already updated. Need to get an official confirmation from the kodekloud team Have a look at below url on their slack channel

Can we get the official confirmation regarding the update? I still haven’t purchase the course and I don’t have Slack access, but I looked at the free “Certification Details” video, 1:26 is still showing an older breakdown of the exam objectives compared to what’s shown on the Linux Foundation page

Hi @smrtalec_courses,
You can join the slack from the link below:


Hi @smrtalec_courses ,

Please check this update notice.