Pipeline Plugin Install is not working

Pipeline plugin install is not working. I see an error in the Jenkins console that your reverse proxy setup is broken. Please fix it as I am unable to complete the lab.

Hi @praveen-singhai ,
Can you please tell me the lab name? and what’s the question number?

KodeKloud Support

It’s question no. 5 in the Jenkins course, lab(Building a CD Pipeline) in the “Pipelines” section.

Hi @praveen-singhai ,
Can you please give it another try?
I tried and didn’t see any valid issues.
For me, it’s asking to restart Jenkins which will happen automatically after clicking on the "Restart Jenkins when installation is complete and no jobs are running" button.

Are you choosing the correct pipeline plugin?

Have you got any solution? I am stuck with same issues. but i am not getting any response from support team.