Persistent Volumes in Kubernetes Task Error

I have been able to carry out the required task successfully and was able to hit the default nginx page as seen in the attached screenshot

. But when I submitted, the task failed with the message “Website is not up and accessible”. Please help.

Hi @Dickson-Victor ,
Please share the review link. I need to check the values.


Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana , here’s the requested link:!/task_review?task_id=62865da29317ae0aa3edbb6d

Hi @Dickson-Victor
I replied it. Please check and let me know.


Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana , You talked about labels not being on the pod, but when i checked, i saw that I had the pod properly labelled. Can you check again to verify? Even if i get a fail, i need to know what the exact error is, so that i can rectify it when i get the same task in the future.

Please check the attached screenshot.