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I have completed the course for PCA on kodekloud and after taking those 2 practice exams in PCA course mock exam 1 and mock exam 2. the questions were easier and i was able to pass it easily. Is there any other resource/ practice exams available/needed to prepare or shall i give my 1st attempt for the exam? If anyone has taken the exam, were the questions difficult or easy when compared with Lab mock exams. Whats the difficulty level. Is it same? Please reply ASAP.

You may be asked about other promql functions not covered by the course - it’s impossible to cover all of them

You could purchase extra practice exams from Udemy to test your knowledge: https://www.udemy.com/course/prometheus-certified-associate-practice-exams/

Thanks @Alistair_KodeKloud

hi @Alistair_KodeKloud ,

when we are tracking/counting no of in-flight requests, why its a gauge metric. Ideally if its a counter, it will increase, so it should be Counter Metric right? Why the answer says that its a Gauge metric?

If it’s a gauge, the number can go up or down. In flight requests are the number of requests currently being handled at a particular point in time. That might be 10 right now, but zero later if nobody is hitting the site/service.

hi @Alistair_KodeKloud ,

env=“prod” alert label matches the a-team-page receiver has a matching label. Why the soln says default route is matched, When the matchers or match_re parameters specified in array, will it be routed to that ONLY if all labels match in that routing rule or if any of the labels matches, will the alert take that route. Can u please explain?

Let’s look at the routes one at a time.

  1. a-team-page: The requirement is that the severity must be high or critical. The alert severity is medium, therefore no match.
  2. b-team-email: For this, it must match service db. Service is api therefore no match. The sub-route b-team-page won’t be checked since the parent didn’t match.
  3. a-team-page again: For this. service must be db and env must be prod. Env matches but service doesn’t, therefore no match.

None of the routes have matched, leaving only the default option of a-team-email

hi @Alistair_KodeKloud ,

I have my exam scheduled in next 24hrs. I took the course from udemy
pca practice exam questions(4 mock exams) which are difficult/challenging when compared to the mock exams in PCA course(kodekloud). Will the actual PCA exam be like mock exams in Kodekloud or will it be similar to udemy mock exams?


I have not actually done the PCA, but I would imagine that questions like in the Udemy tests could appear.

hi @Alistair_KodeKloud ,

Can you explain how we got the result ‘0.5’. I coudlnt figure it out. IN soln also it was not mentioned.

up is an instant vector, so you are correct in taking the last pair of samples, thus the result is 0.5

Aggregations like sum and count drop all the labels, therefore the answer is {} 0.5

hi @Alistair_KodeKloud,

Thanks for the quick responses for the doubts that i have posted.

I have passed the certification with a score of 89.

Those practice tests that you have suggested in udemy, helped me a lot.

Without those practice tests, I definitely would have not passed the exam.


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