Password for thor user on the jump_host

I am trying trying to perform this task and I have trouble with thor’s password.

Copy /tmp/nautilus.txt.gpg file from jump server to App Server 3 at location /home/web .

I am using the thor’s password from here.

what am I doing wrong? I am new to linux. Please help. here is a screenshot.

Hello, kgurupranesh
As per my understanding, we knew only the password of sudo user of app server 3(banner) and without define and user name in the stapp03. It’s finding thor user in the app server 3.

Yes, but I don’t know how to copy the file without the password for thor. I don’t understand. Can someone/you explain? Sorry, may a dumb question.

Thanks in advance.

You can do ssh to app server’s sudo user, which one already present in the shared URL provided by you.
ssh [email protected]
I hope you will get a lead from this example.

Thanks for the lead Tej, I was able to complete the task successfully. I knew it was something very silly.

Thanks again for your time Tej.