Passed my CKAD as well! I heard people describe CKAD as easier than CKA, but I a . . .

David Andrade:
Passed my CKAD as well! I heard people describe CKAD as easier than CKA, but I actually found it harder lol

Why did you find it harder?

Raamkanna Saranathan:
same for me haha…

i did my CKAD today, waiting for results. for me:

CKA - less work, but more thinking. more issues that can go wrong that can cause you to break your head.

CKAD - definitely not trivial, you need to know your stuff - but it’s more work, less thinking compared to CKA.
(my opinion)

I was able to finish all the questions in CKA, but didnt get to attempt one question in CKAD as i found myself wasting time while fiddling around with yaml. was careless. definitely needed more practice.

I agree with you @Raamkanna Saranathan

cyprien nkounou:
Thanks for the feedback guys. Quick questions, how long does it take between enrollement to the exam and the actual exam ? Can I enroll and take the exam right away ? Also, do you have a vouccher you can share ? Regards.

cyprien nkounou:
@David Andrade

David Andrade:
@Raamkanna Saranathan pretty much spot on, CKAD was more psychologically grueling lol. A lot of questions with like, 5+ steps, so you’d finish a long question and feel satisfied and would immediately almost cry that the next one is even longer lol

I had the same situation where I finished the CKA but not the in the CKAD, I feel the questions were a lot less organized too, like instead of bulleted parameters, you’d have to read a paragraph with instructions not really ordered that well.

@cyprien nkounou When you say enrollment to the exam, do you mean purchasing the vouchers, or do you mean enrollment in the course? I guess I’ll answer both lol.
You can schedule the Exam 24 hours in advance anytime within the year the voucher is valid, so you can buy the exam and schedule it 24 hours later. As for the course, I believe I took the CKA exam maybe 2 or 3 weeks after enrolling into the course, but I like to watch my learning videos at 2x speed, so could potentially take double that? I studied CKAD over the weekend and took the exam 5 days after the CKA (a lot of overlapping material between the two)

cyprien nkounou:
Thanks @David Andrade

cyprien nkounou:
@David Andrade Was mumshad’s course and practice enough for the exam ?

David Andrade:

CKAD tests your speed and thereby it is more challenging than CKA.

Mumshad’s course has Ingress, which is not required for CKAD. Secondly Mumshad’s course focus on declarative commands (for training, it is needed), but with declarative approach, you will not be able to clear CKAD. Pls see if you run the show with imperative commands barring that for pv, pvc, netpol and for other pieces viz. Probes, strategies and tolerations.

Further, one need to rehearse a lot. Keep giving the same set of exams until you manage to score 100% in half of the allotted time

Mumshad Mannambeth: