Passed CKA (study details inside)

Awesome class, Mumshad!

Passed CKA with 88%. Primary study technique: Drilling on the labs (and keeping track of the time).

1st pass of labs: 13 minutes, 26 seconds average (9 hours, 37 min, 32 sec total)
Last pass of labs: 4:02 average (3 hours, 9 min, 14 sec total)
Repeated each lab 5-7 times.
Spent ~33 hours across 3 weeks in labs.

Best times (average across section):
Core Concepts: 2:13
Scheduling: 2:42
Logging and Monitoring: 1:48
Application Lifecycle Monitoring: 3:00
Cluster Maintenance: 5:25
Security: 3:44
Storage: 10:52
Networking: 2:19
Install: 5:16
Troubleshooting: 5:46
Other Topics: 4:42

Having the labs for both incremental progress in individual topics and more challenging, realistic labs was vital to my preparation. Again: Excellent class, highly recommended!


Hello, maren.peasley
Congratulations :hugs: :+1:

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Thanks to share study details. Other members will take help from this.


Hello Maren

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Congrats @maren.peasley

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Thank you!!!

  • Maren

Congrats Maren!:+1:
Is the kodekloud labs enough to clear the CKA exam?
Thank you.

I found them to be so.

I did take other classes earlier this year, but they really only served to introduce the material - were not CKA prep material.

Really, the quality instructional material coupled with the ability to hammer away at the labs until I didn’t just know it, but it came automatically, was vital in my prep. Having enough labs to be able to quantifiably identify where I needed to study next was a strong asset, too.

  • Maren

Thanks a lot mate.
I am just preparing with only kodekloud course.
Hopefully I will be able to pass the exam.

Best of luck!

The exam is changing September 1st:

So that’s 17 full days of studying away, possibly an important factor in your study strategy.

My first trip through the labs took 9 hours, but was spread across a week. The next 12 hours of labs were also spread across the next week, and same with the final trips through the labs (~10 hours).

The most efficient I was ever able to get - sustained (and for a different test) - was ~6 hours a day (on Saturdays) in an 8 hour segment.

  • Maren

Well done mate !
Can you launch another terminal like in KK ?

No but you can split terminal screen if you worked with tmux.

Two tab is allowed one is taking by the exam terminal and second tab to view official docs and it’s subdomain sites (not included

What about notepad ?

It will be included in the exam terminal tab. You cannot use external notepad.

Are jobs part of the exam for CKA ? I saw them in someone’s review

Congrats Maren!
And thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

@sscalzadonna : Thanks!

@andrzej : I’m assuming you mean this kind and not work experience:

I didn’t see any of that in the course, so I didn’t study it.

  • Maren
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You can compare with the curriculum of the official CNCF CKAD vs CKA.

Grats on passing the CKA exam!