Passed CKA and CKS

I recently completed the CKA and CKS exams. To prepare, I used all the resources and practical exercises I could find. At the top of the list was Mumshad’s excellent courses, Certified Kubernetes Administrator and Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist. Many thanks also to the team at Kodekloud Engineer for putting together an ongoing series of devops related challenges.

clr-vosloo-cks-certificate.pdf (496.2 KB)
(upload://sDMhtgAbPKURAAIDtiYgOiNr1wy.pdf) (700.4 KB)


That’s wonderful, @charles Congratulations :star_struck: :blush:

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That’s great!
You used only resources available on kodekloud?

I have also completed CKA exam. Only ressources from Kodekloud. It’s enough. And I trained with during 24h just 72h before the exam.
good luck

No, there were many, I literally used all the resources I could find, which included:

  • Kodekloud: CKAD,CKA,CKS ~ Mumshad Mannambeth
  • Udemy: CKS 2022 ~ Kim Wustkamp (the creator of killer shell)
  • A Cloud Guru: CKAD,CKA,CKS ~ Will Boyd
  • Linux Foundation: K8s courses (LFD259,lFS258,LFS260)

Probably the best preparation, is to early on reach the goal, without trying to
understand it all, of just doing kubectl PRACTICE exercises everyday: Keep doing the same lab over until its easy, then move on to the next. Kodekloud and AGC have great labs and practice exams.

Also Github has exercises at : David-VTUK/CKA-StudyGuide, stretchcloud/cka-lab-practice, nkuba/k8s-admin-helper and checkout walidshaari CKA and CKS pages.
I regret spending so much time doing extra takes on the killer-shells sessions - the exam is not as hard as that - though Kim’s CKS course is brilliant.

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That’s impressive. (hinin)
I found killer shell difficult and many questions overly complicated, not something I would want to do the day before to boost my confidence.

Amazingly, in each exam I took, a big chunk of my energy (1-2hours) was spent on setting up: 2 screens, sound and laptop camera synchronized with the CNCF/LF provider’s platform. Then the proctor would ask to see the room form every conceivable angle. Usually at this point, with my bad internet connection, with or without the ethernet cable plugged in, I get disconnect. After re-connecting, he again follows the exact same script as if we have just met for the first time.