PAM Authentication Failed Task

Hello Team

Everything is correct can you recheck it for me ( check the screen ) :slightly_frowning_face:


@ Goldenor
Was is opened without password?
There should be a password prompt.

Curl without password shows me “Error 401 Unauthorized”
Curl with password it passed succefully

The Web test doesn’t work for me that’s why I’ve test with curl

Hi @Goldenor

I just reviewed your answer and found some issues like:

  • As per your configuration the protected directory URL also works if we pass some other username/password for example tony user credentials for App Server 1. However as per question you need to make sure URL permission is only given to the asked user.
  • You changed the Apache port to default (80) on each App host which is incorrect as that is not asked in the question so you need not to alter any existing configuration which is not asked to do. Due to port changes the LRB link also stopped working for you.

I hope this information is helpful.


Hi @Inderpreet

Thanks for the revision, sure they are helpful,

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