Office Hours with Community

Do you want to ACE your Kubernetes exams like a champ? :muscle:

Join KodeKloud in our fun webinar series of ‘Office Hours With Community’ tomorrow, 21st December, at 8:00 PM (IST). We will share various K8s exam preparation tips to upgrade your career to the next level!

:point_right: You will never fall behind with Shwetha, an experienced software developer turned DevOps engineer, as our host speaker!

:point_right: Shwetha held a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Biotechnology and started her career as a Software developer, knowing nothing but C and PERL, 16 years ago.

:point_right: Her learning journey started with java 5, and she isn’t stopping! Recently, she completed her third and final k8s certification, CKS.

‘Office Hours With Community’ is where the KodeKloud community gets together twice a month with an engaging webinar to share, discuss or learn more about DevOps.

FUN FACT: Shwetha is part of our KodeKloud Slack Community and has been actively sharing her expertise to help others!

We encourage anyone to be a host speaker and share their expertise to help other community members to achieve their career goals in the best way possible!

:tada: Join us tomorrow, where you will learn all the best practices in a digestible way!

:tada: ACE your k8s exams here and register for webinar here: