Office Hours with Community Coaches

We are starting off with " Office Hours with Community Coaches"

‘Office Hours" is where the KodeKloud community gets together twice a month with a fun and engaging 30-45mins webinar to discuss or learn more about the interesting threads in our KodeKloud Community Forum!

Learning DevOps or Cloud requires a lot of hands-on practice, and setting up a lab environment is challenging for anyone new in this field!

With KodeKloud Playground, you can seamlessly create your lab’s environment, whether managed Kubernetes cluster or cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP).Let’s discover it together with our Community Coaches!
You’ll get to learn about :

  • Introduction of the KodeKloud Playground (what it is, how to access it, what services are offered by Playground).
  • How to utilize the KodeKloud Playground to improve your learning experience and outcome.
  • Demonstration of creating a managed Kubernetes cluster on Azure Playground and exposing a sample containerized web app with Azure Load Balancer.

After completing this session, users can use Playground to practice and learn in different environments that Playground currently supports.

Date to be remembered : 16th Nov 2022
Time : 8:00pm IST | 9:30am EDT
Place : Zoom
Link :

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