Not able to create instance in GCP playground

Not able to create instance in GCP. It fails with the below error “Your project has reached its limit for SSD_TOTAL_GB in us-west1.” It’s asking me to raise the limit.

Hi @vivek7
Please be sure to create instance base on the limit authorize on Playground : GCP Playground: Support Services

Hi @mmkmou_KodeKloud I tried to setup with very low specs, but still I’m facing the same issue.

Hi @vivek7,
I think you didn’t change the disk type. I checked it and able to create an instance.

And it’s written in the GCP support page too.

You can change the disk type from the Boot disk. I am attaching a reference screenshot.


Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana
Thanks for the help. Yes it was related to the disk.

Thanks for your confirmation. :+1: