Not able to create AKS cluster in Azure playground

Not able to create cluster in kubernetes services

No permission to create resource group, by default its taking subscription- kodekloud azure production labs

Hello @vbollu,

The Azure playground ASK only allowed Standard_B2s node size.
Please refer to this link for detailed information: Cloud Playground Support

  1. Allowed Node Size: Standard_B2s (only)
  2. Maximum Node Pool Size = 2 nodes (manual or auto-scale)
  3. Please make sure that “Container Monitoring” is Disabled


I got some other error now, i followed the above instructions

Hello @vbollu,

Please go with the manual scale method for now, I will send this feedback to the engineering team to fix the issue.


@trung-kodekloud , thank you it worked

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Nice, thanks for revert back @vbollu