Nodeport testing [Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners]

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to replicate what Mumshad is doing on the Nodeport-Demo lab and I can’t access the node from my browser but I’m not sure what I do wrong and I hope we have some experienced k8s users with us to enlight me a bit.

Steps I have done:

PS: if I do “minikube start” I get the following error:

Exiting due to DRV_AS_ROOT: The "docker" driver should not be used with root privileges.

  • create the deployment and service file definition (attached photo)

  • run the files to create the pods & Nodeport service

  • minikube service myapp-service --url

I get in response :

When I try to access that URL I get the following message:

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

I don’t understand what am I doing wrong since I just started to learn k8s, and I would be thankful if somebody can help me out


I have checked the active nodes and I configured the deployment file to send the new pods over the single node (node01)

When I tried to describe the node for logs I found the following:

Hi @GeorgeVLT ,
As you can see in the shared screenshot. ports are in use and cannot be assigned to others.

About minikube installation and testing. Please try it out on the fresh VM where the k8s cluster is not already installed and configured.

You can make use of the cloud playground.

Hi Tej,

Do you mean to create a Linux Ubuntu VM on the playground?

Can you install the VirtualBox in your system?