No lab working on Ipad / Iphone


None of the labs is working on IOS / IpadOS. The legacy site was working fine(Katacoda).
I checked all the big browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. All having the same issue, that the lab starts fine, but there is no font visible. You can see the cursor but no output.

I also checked if it is working in incognito mode, but without success. (Javascript is enabled on my Ipad).

Device: Ipad Pro 12.9 inch (4th gen 2020), same result on Iphone 12 pro max.

See screenshot taken with chrome:

As I am only allowed to upload one picture as a new member you can only have one (very smart solution …)

Could you please fix this? It is very annoying …


I had a similar issue when I upgraded the iOS on my iPad. There are some new settings in safari with the upgrade that seem to have broken the labs. I had an older iPad that worked and I made the settings with the new iOS match and the labs started working again. I am not exactly sure which setting was the key to the fix. Do you have an older iPhone or iPad where the labs work that you could compare against? If you go to Settings, Safari, Advanced, & Experimental Features you will see many settings and I disabled some to match an older iPad configuration. I hope this helps.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for the information, I don’t have any old iOS devices, but then I have to start a trial and error approach :sweat_smile:.

Was there a solution to this issue? I am having the same issue on both my iPad(iOS) and Mac.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hello, @rmillerx
Please try in Chrome browser.

Hi @rmillerex,

Unfortunately I did not solve the issue yet …. .
Just using chrome won‘t work for me, I already used chrome as visible on my screenshots.
I would really appreciate if Jodelliedes would test this on an IPad with latest iPadOS, they should be able to debug issues with their product ….

Hello, @Kwachter88
I will forward this request to our backend team. They will get back to you asap with some conclusion.


Okay thanks for that.

Same issue either on Safari, Chrome or MS Edge. Reported this several time using the labs feedback form. (since iOS 15 beta was available).

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Hi Steve,

Yeah this problem is a pain, I like to watch the videos on my iPad and would like to do the labs on iPad too ….

I cancelled my subscription as no solution was provided.

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Facing this issue as well on MACOS and iOS (both on Safari). Would really appreciate some update on this as I’m a new subscriber. Thank you.

To fix KodeKloud labs in Safari on an iPad:

  1. Go to Settings → Safari → Advanced → Experimental Features
  2. Turn off “WebGL 2.0”
  3. Go back to Safari and refresh the lab page

The cursor will now show up in the terminal.

My specs: iPad Pro 2nd | iOS 15.3.1

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For Safari on the Mac it’s the same feature you need to turn off (WebGL 2.0) but a different method to find it - first under Safari → Preferences → Advanced you want to tick show develop menu in menu bar if you haven’t already done so.
Then with a tab open to a page e.g. the kodekloud home page, Develop → Experimental Features and scroll down to untick WebGL 2.0

I can also confirm MS Edge works out the box with labs - I was using it on my up to date Mac prior to finding this fix. I’m on MacOS 12.3.1