Nginx as reverse proxy and apache - can you suggest on this

Hi KodeKloud Support,

Can you please check and suggest what is wrong on this solution:

Index.html placed on "/var/www/html

Hello, subhash.max
httpd service is disable, So might be the reason.

Thanks for quick response. But if you check the print screen both services are Active and Running.

Active but not enabled as you can see in the second line. You must enable the service so it’ll run automatically on next boot

I do agree that but this is not mentioned in the question to make the services persistent.
And till the time services are active and running it should server the purpose.

You did a mistake as shown in the third image:
it should be proxy_pass
But if nginx and Apache on the same server it should be proxy_pass http://localhost:apache_port

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Thank you, I got it now. I will correct the typo and will try, as suggested to put localhost.