NFS Troublshooting

Hi Team

I have fixed the issue and the NFS folder mounted in all the application servers. If required, will share the screenshot.

Please help on this.

Arun Balaji

hello @arunbalajil,

sure please share it and please describe the issue you have been facing, happy to help :slight_smile:



Follow below configuration steps -

nfs server i.e., storage server

ssh [email protected]
sudo su
systemctl enable nfs-server
chkconfig nfs-server on
systemctl enable rpcbind
chkconfig rpcbind on
systemctl start nfs-server
systemctl status nfs-server
systemctl start rpcbind
systemctl status rpcbind

vi /etc/exports


exportfs -a
showmount -e ststor01

On all 3 nfs client i.e., app servers

mount -t nfs ststor01:/web /var/www/html
echo 1 >>/var/www/html/file.txt

Prateek Gandhi