NFS troubleshooting

hello all friends
i have a problem when using
sudo mount -t nfs /var/www/html
after waiting for some time i got error "mount.nfs: connection refused "
can anyone please tell what is the problem
i think this command is perfect and should work
the file /etc/fstab is also not present in servers kindly reply if anyone know the problem
thanks in advance


Thanks for reporting this. Before running the mount command you need to make sure nfs server is correctly configured and running. Further since it is not asked in the question to mount the shares permanently so don’t worry about the fstab entries.


i install the nfs server but it is installed before
i saw the /etc/export file in storage server and make appropriate changes there
then come on app server to mount data is any thing i more have to do?
i try showmount -e but got answer that RPC:program not register
and got the error there too what else to do

kindly reply

Hi @ghori83

After making changes in exports you need to make sure nfs service is running, after that you should go with mount commands.

Hi @Inderpreet
What are the changes expected with /ect/exports file on storage server?
running below command on app1, I get an error message.

Hi @swaroopcs88

Please take help from to identify what changes need to be done in exports file. Please read the details carefully that are mentioned in the question.

I am following the same steps as mentioned in the article.
sudo mount -t nfs /var/www/html/
I am getting access denied while trying to mount.
let me know where I am going wrong.

Hello Swaroopcs88

please check the user account tony/banner have sudo access? check the account has the right permission.

Hi Team,

I tired 4 times to complete the NFS Troubleshooting task at end of session it saying internet connectivity issue on every attempt, meanwhile i was check the connectivity, it was stable…
Seriously I don’t why I’m getting this error…
Please find the error screenshot…


We are looking into this issue from our end, thanks for your patience.

Thanks @Inderpreet
Now the task has been completed successfully…

@Surendar can you please help me with steps or doucment. I am new to this nfs part

Thansk in advance

I did the trouble shooting, nfs server was down, started the nfs server up first, then fixed the config issues in exports, checked the mount point on the client all looks good, but still got it failed:

vi /etc/exports

/nfsdata (rw,sync,no_subtree_check,no_root_squash)
/nfsdata (rw,sync,no_subtree_check,no_root_squash)
/nfsdata (rw,sync,no_subtree_check,no_root_squash)

on the app server checked:
showmount -e
Export list for
/nfsdata (everyone)

Can you please check why this has failed?

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there should be two option failer

you dont you restart nfs service on server after all changing
did you install nfs on all app server and restart nfs in end?

@nashwan After troubleshooting on NFS server did you mount the share on all app servers ? Which command you used to do so and how you verified the same ?

I mounted using the following commands:
sudo mount -t nfs /var/www/html

To verify the mount, type the below command :
mount | grep nfs

Provided below is the link of the article which may help you to setup NFS :

systemctl start nfs-server
vi /etc/exports

rpm -qa | grep nfs-utils (to validate nfs-utils is installed)
showmount -e ststor01 (to check the export permissions for the NFS file system )
mount -t nfs ststor01:/opt /var/www/html (mount the remote folder to your local)
df -kh (validate the mount is on the list)

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Thank you, It works.

I Don´t know anything about filesystem and this was useful!

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replying on other thread due to limit.

i tried exportfs -a as outlined below

succeed to reflect the new entries but unable to get rid of old entry

looks like restart mandatory to fix this