NFS mounts configuration file name is saved in "/home/bob/nfs" file?

Morning Aaron Lockhart,
Please forgive me, I am new to linux command. I have followed instruction to find nfsmount.conf and save in “/home/bob/nfs”, below are my steps after finding nfsmount.conf.
step 1: typed vi /home/bob/nfs
step 2: press Esc botton
step 3: typed :wq nfsmount.conf
step 4: was used to check if nfsmount.conf was created and then clicked on “check botton” to confirm if I have fulfilled requirement(see attached screenshot)

Kindly please advise what I am doing wrong.


Resolved using Steps below:
step 1: sudo mandb
step 2: vi /home/bob/nfs
step 3: press i on your keyboard(What this basically do is to help you edit “nfs”
step 4: type in nfsmount.conf (if your display isn’t large enough to see what you typing just scroll up with your mouse)
step 5: press Esc botton on your keyboard to exit insert mode
step 6: type in :wq (used to write and quite)