New task awaited

Hi @Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3

Daily I receive one question/task but I didn’t received any task for 25th March. Please provide a new task for me to complete.

Same here, might be a system-wide glitch…

@Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3
Still no reply. Please advise. I am not get a daily task as like before. Is there some issue?

Thanks for reporting this, we are looking into it from end.

@Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3

Any update on this issue? I still dont receive new tasks timely like I used to before.
Can you please check and update. Thank you.

Same issue from my side, did not get task yesterday thought before I was getting them every day. It seems that new system works worse than old one.

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Sorry for this inconvenience, about tasks assignment time after completing a task I think next task is been assigned sometime after 24 hours. Further about failed/expired tasks we expect you guys should already get those tasks. However we are checking if there is some glitch.
Please bear with us.

Hi @Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3,

No new tasks today? I am awaiting for a new task which didn’t came yet. Its been around 30hrs since I completed the last task.

Is this another bug?

My todays task was assigned 36h after the last one. Also, the Created field is updated to current time when I finish a task. Is this right?

This doesn’t seems like. The created field should not be updated, it will remain to the time when the task was assigned.

Seems like another bug!

Its been more then 40hrs now and havn’t received the new task.

@mmumshad Please respond.

New task is assigned 25 h after u complete previous one. So if 14.07 u get task at 8:0X and will complete it 20 mins after 20:00, u get next one on 15.07 at 21:0X

@andrzej Yes I guess after completing 102 tasks its quite evident. :slight_smile:
I did count the hrs after I completed by task. But in my case will I get an extra task against the delay?

No chance, I lost as well few tasks and it is not possible to get them back