New Option "Try Later"?

Hi KodeKloud Team,

I saw yesterday you added a new button “Try Later” apart from “Finish”. Just wanted to understand what is the purpose & how it will work? Is it part of improvement you are bringing where you are trying to give opportunity to experiment more & more to participants?

Any such updates can be communicated in this community group then it will be great & will help us to evaluate to provide your feedback.


Yes that is correct. It is a new feature we have added. If you are not sure how to complete it or need more time to research, you can hit the “Try Later” button and attempt it again at a later point in time. However, note that if you do so, any work you did in that session will not be saved.

Thanks @mmumshad for the update. It would be great if you can broadcast such improvements/updates in the community with a short details of the new feature. I would say if you can create any section as “News or Announcement” in the community to publish all such things that will be great. I know time-to-time you send mail with all these details but I feel forum/community will be better.

Again it will help us to evaluate & provide your team the right feedback.

Pradip Ghosh