New Course Suggestion

Hi Mumshad and the amazing team behind Kodekloud.

I would like to propose a new course to consider putting together:

helm for kubernetes

I am afraid I dont know much about helm, other than a colleague who recently passed in CKA and is leaving us for a new company to work on kubernetes Clusters and consulting, mentioned it in passing.

I think it would be a great little bolt on course to compliment the CKAD and CKA paths. as he said that helm is what everyone uses in production, so I would love to learn more about this.

The helm docs themselves are a bit sparse:

So I guess this would take someone with enough skill with it to put a little course together. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Kind Regards

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Hello @urbansumo

For now no schedule for helm course but In future for sure.
The team is working on “Terraform and Docker Certification courses”


Hope to purchase this course only not all courses as one package. I purchased kodekloud’s CKA and CKD on Udemy.

Hi @Ayman, will there be any course on Jenkins anytime soon?


Soon, No. It is not listed into our plans yet.

its there now Helm for Beginners - KodeKloud thanks

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@marp , More and more courses are coming. Happy Learning with Kodekloud!