networking basics labs-switching and routing

lab 8

Since now app03 and app04 are on different network range than jump host so you are not able to SSH into those hosts from jump host. To make SSH work make required changes on jump host.

a. Assign a new IP address to jump host with same network range which app03 and app04 are using.

b. Now you will be able to SSH into all apps from jump host.
NOTE After the change, you may experience a delay when trying to SSH from the jump server to the app servers.

Question:How to ssh into all apps

lab 9

Now jump host is able to access all four apps. But if you try to ping app03 or app04 from app01 or app02 or vice versa you will see ping is not working. So now we want to use jump host as a router so that app01 and app02 can access app03 and app04 and vice versa, lets add some routing table entries on these hosts to make it work.

a. Add a routing table entry in app01 and app02 hosts so that these hosts can reach app03 and app04 hosts via jump host.

b. Add a routing table entry in app03 and app04 hosts so that these hosts can reach app01 and app02 hosts via jump host.

c. Now try to ping app03 and app04 from app01 and app02 and vice versa, every app should be able to ping each other.

Verify app01 is able to ping app02, app03 and app04
Verify app02 is able to ping app01, app03 and app04
Verify app03 is able to ping app01, app02 and app04
Verify app04 is able to ping app01, app02 and app0

Question:How to do the above steps c?

Kindly check the steps in the attached gif.

not working
give error i follow same step shown in video
ping app01
ping: socket: Operation not permitted

ssh app01
ssh: connect to host app01 port 22: No route to host

sudo ip route add via
RTNETLINK answers: File exists

Hi @ashhadali2019

On which task did you this error


Hi everyone, I just started this course.
I’m confused about this cmd “sudo ip route add via” in Q9.
I don’t understand where are these and from? Can I use other ip address such as or ?

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Hi @spur You need to be on the main thor@jump_host ~$ and here you need to type:
thor@jump_host ~$ ip route
default via dev eth0 dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src

as you can see you find the linking IP addresses and