Need help with solution for lab one

Hi need help with this please. I’m on the first lab I make it to sudo mandb then it’s time to apropos “NSF mounts” which I get the correct out put from the command how ever when it’s time to create the required file vi /home/bob/nfs with file content looking like this: nsfmount.conf I’m lost on how to accomplish this @Aaron-Lockhart if you could please explain how to do this because I followed the instructions how ever I’m missing some thing I can not clear this to move in to next part. Thank you so much

Hi @Arabia-Ali,

Can you please provide us the link to the lab and the concerned question. Some screenshot will be helpful also.


I also struggled with no one able to easily explain step’s to follow for those new to linux, here are steps you can follow:
step 1: sudo mandb
step 2: vi /home/bob/nfs
step 3: press i on your keyboard(What this basically do is to help you edit “nfs”
step 4: type in nfsmount.conf (if your display isn’t large enough to see what you typing just scroll up with your mouse)
step 5: press Esc botton on your keyboard to exit insert mode
step 6: type in :wq (used to write and quite)

Hope this information is helpful, if still not clear please refer to Youtube video link below for explanation regarding Linux Basics: How to use vi text editor